Open Serif WebPlus. Choose the 'Publish site' icon from the top menu.

alt text

Choose 'Accounts' from the top right hand corner section.

alt text

When prompted, enter your 'Account Details' that can be found in your account welcome email, look for cPanel/FTP information.

  • Account name - A name for your account.
  • FTP address - Your FTP address
  • Port number - 21
  • Folder - public_html
  • Username - Your cPanel/FTP username
  • Password - Your cPanel/FTP password
  • Passive Mode - Ticked by default (try unticking if it does not work)
  • Website URL - Your website URL i.e. www.your-domain.com

alt text

Once you have entered the respective information, click OK.

Confirm that your details are correct and select 'Update Account'.

alt text

You now need to choose what files that you would like to upload to your account. To select all files, check the 'Publish All Pages' option and proceed to selecting 'OK'.

alt text

The upload process will now initialise. Depending on the size of your files, the upload may take some minutes to complete.

alt text

Once the upload has finished, choose the Close option.

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