Feb 19th DSVR is being decommissioned!

Since late 2018 we have been sending out emails to some of our DSVR customers making them aware that the DSVR platform is going to be decommissioned. This means the start of the DSVR migration where your services hosted on the DSVR platform are moved to a modern, up-to-date platform. We will be doing this in stages – So if you have not yet ... Read More »

Jan 31st Direct Debit (GoCardless)

Some of our customers over the past 12 months have been paying for their services via Direct Debit (GoCardless). We are pleased to announce that today this now fully communicates with our client portal.   If you wish to set up Direct Debit, then all you need to do is go onto an unpaid invoice and change the payment method to “Direct Debit ... Read More »