DSVR/DVS Control Panel (In Progress)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Affecting Other - DSVR
  • Update 01/04/2020 - Due to the complexity of the DSVR platform and the DSVR control panel we are unsure when we will be able to get the DSVR/DVS control panel up and running again. We are still trying everything we can to get it working again. But there is currently no ETA and it could be down for some considerable time.

    Because of this issue – We would like to ask our customers to prepare for migration off DSVR and onto our modern platform where we are able to provide you with a full service and with improved control panel functionality and reliability.  As the DSVR migration is being decommissioned due to its age and is no longer fit for purpose. This migration was already in process for some of our customers but now is time to increase the rate this migration is taking place.

    The following details are required for us to help you with the migration:

    • List of all active domain names on the DSVR platform
    • Any web hosting for any of the active domains names?
    • If there is web hosting, do any contain any MySQL databases?
    • Any email hosting?

    If you can also think of anything else that is running on the server that you think needs to be moved across as well. (Example: DNS Zone Files)

    Please note if there are any compatibility issues due to code not be able to run on the latest versions of PHP or MySQL you will need to either fix this yourself or get your web designers/developers to fix the issues to make any websites work correctly on the new platform. (PHP 5.6 Minimum, PHP 7.2 or above recommended) 

    We understand you may not be able to provide the above list completely without access to the DSVR control panel. With that being the case please do raise a ticket via https://clients.iracknet.com or email support@iracknet.com and we should be able to provide a list of domain names and email addresses that we can see on the server.

    We are aware there are problems with the DSVR/DVS control panel (https://support.dvs.demon.net/authorised/) at this moment in time. We are having trouble resolving the issues and as you are aware this is legacy system which is why we have been busy trying to move customers over to a modern platform. If you do need anything doing we may be able to help with this - Send a support ticket via this clients portal or email: support@iracknet.com with the details. 

    Update 28/03/2020 The issue with the legacy DSVR control panel is quite complex and we have tried a number of fixes but these have not helped. We are still trying our best to get it back up and running ASAP. As mentioned above if you are wanting to make changes we may be able to help with this. Send an email to support@iracknet.com or raise a support ticket through this clients portal.

    We will be pushing migrations off the DSVR platform over to modern platforms that use DirectAdmin or cPanel throughout 2020 as the whole DSVR platform will be decommissioned. 

    Other control panels such as iPanel, cPanel and DirectAdmin are running as normal.

  • Date - 16/03/2020 18:49
  • Last Updated - 02/04/2020 14:35

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