Since late 2018 we have been sending out emails to some of our DSVR customers making them aware that the DSVR platform is going to be decommissioned. This means the start of the DSVR migration where your services hosted on the DSVR platform are moved to a modern, up-to-date platform.

We will be doing this in stages – So if you have not yet received an email, do not worry as we have probably not reached the hostserver you are on. If you are interested in getting the DSVR migration email early, please let support know so we can send this out to you.

We do recommend that you look at your current DSVR server and check what services you have active and what would need to be moved to the new platform when it’s time to do so.

If you are hosted on our other platforms such as cPanel/Interworx or have a Legend Hosting Package* - Then your services have already been migrated. 

* = Some legend customers still may need to have their services migrated to the new platform but you will be contacted regarding this. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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