What's the difference between POP and IMAP?

The Difference between POP and IMAP

POP and IMAP allow people to get access to their email from a server; however, that is where most similarities end. POP simply downloads email to your computer, and usually (but not always) deletes the email from the email server. The problems arise if you have more than one device where you read your mail (desktop, laptop, tablet or phone). Here's why it's bad: You would have to delete the same email on every device.

Logging into each device, you will see lots of unread emails with no indication of which you deleted, read, flagged or filed Any folders you created and organize on one device won't be replicated on the other devices.

IMAP allows users to store their email on the email server. This two-way protocol also allows the user to synchronize their email among multiple devices, which is extremely important today, when most people have at least two devices - their laptop and smartphone.

But due to IMAP storing everything on the email server – If you reach 100% disk quota you won’t be able to receive any new email messages until you clear your usage down or upgrade to have more storage.

Please note that if you delete an email and you are using IMAP - This will delete it from the sever and any other devices you have set up the email account up on as an IMAP account.

Do you support POP or IMAP?

We do support both POP and IMAP on our servers and we leave the decision to the customer on which one to use.

What should I do If I think I have ran out of space on my hosting package?

Get in touch with the support department either by raising a ticket on this control panel or sending an email to support@iracknet.com

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