Used Storage Emails

Have you recently recieved an email that is similar to this: : Storage 80.05% used

This in an automatic informational message to notify you that has used 80.05% of its storage allotment under your current plan. Once you reach 100% utilization of your disk storage you will not be able to upload any more of your content and your databases and e-mail will be disrupted due to lack of disk space.

This basically means that your allocated space on your account is getting full because you are storing too many messages on the email server. You need to log into the webmail facility located at: and log into your email addresses and clean up any unwanted messages from the Inbox and the Trash folders. Once doing that your allocated space usage will drop and your email services will continue to work.

Do you use IMAP?

If you are using IMAP in your email client then deleting any of the messages from the webmail would also delete it from any device you have the email account setup on as an IMAP account. As IMAP uses the server to sync the emails across multiple devices.  With that being the case you need to be careful when deleting email messages from the webmail. It might be better for you to start storing emails into offline email folders in your email program or by purchasing more storage space for your account.

Not sure which email address is taking up the space?

Send us an email over to: or submit a support ticket via this control panel. If you wish to add more space onto your package you can also send an email or create a ticket for that as well. 

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