Can't access your website or control panel? Read here first.

Are you unable to load your website in your web browser and you also can’t load your control panel? Then please read the following before submitting a support ticket.

Try the following steps first:

1. See if any other parts of the “World” can reach your website first. You can do this by visiting: and enter your domain name into the box and click “Or Just Me?” and it will check if it’s down for everyone or just you.

2. If the results on the screen say your website is up and available, then it is possible we are blocking your IP address on our firewall. Open a support ticket, provide your current public IP address which you can grab by going to: and state you are struggling to load your website or control panel or both. We will then check on our end and unblock the IP address.

3. If the results on the screen say your website cannot be reached – Please open a support ticket and we will investigate the problem and see what is causing your website to be offline.

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