How to change your email password?

If you ever need to change a password for one of your email accounts on your domain name then all you need to do is perform the following steps: 

1. Log into your SiteWorx account. Example: 

2. Under "SiteWorx Menu", click the "Hosting Features" menu item if it is not already open.

3. Click the "E-mail" menu item and then click on "Mailboxes" option.

4. Under "Existing E-mail Boxes" tab, Select the appropriate e-mail address and click on the "edit" button.

5. Enter your new password in the password field or use a password generator. Passwords need to be random generated password to keep your account secure. 

6. Click the "Save" button. Once done you should see a sucess message - The new password has been set for that specific email address. 
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