What is happening?

We are sunsetting the DSVR platform and we are migrating our customers to our new web hosting platform that runs cPanel which is a well known and popular control panel for web hosting services.

Why is this taking place?

The DSVR platform is over 10 years old and is not up to the standard to host website or email services anymore. As technology is moving forward websites need to be running on the latest software versions and for that to happen the DSVR platform needs to be migrated to a newer platform.

Which PHP versions will the new server run?

The new platform can run multiple PHP versions but by default accounts are set up to run on PHP 7.2. But the server can support the following versions: PHP 5.6, PHP 7.0, PHP 7.1 , PHP 7.2 and PHP 7.3.

Does the server support TLS 1.2?

Yes! As more payment processing companies such as PayPal and Sagepay are now only accepting connections from TLS 1.2 – The cPanel platform supports this straight away.

Will my web hosting costs increase?

No! There will be no increase in web hosting costs – You won’t be charged any extra for being on a new platform.

I have my DNS records with an external provider, is this okay?

Hosting your DNS records with another provider is okay to do. But it will be your responsibility to update your DNS records after the migration. Customers who have their DNS with iRack Limited should not have any issues.

Will I still have SSH access?

By default, SSH access will be disabled for security reasons. As with the new control panel you would be able to easily manage the website, emails, DNS and databases within the control panel. We can enable SSH for specific users, but this will be limited and locked down.

Can you do the migration for me?

We will be doing most of the migration for you but may need your assistance during this time. Therefore, we ask you for an active list of websites and if they have any other associated services such as: email accounts, MySQL databases etc.

As mentioned in the email you have received – You may have a website or multiple websites that are unable to run on the cPanel server due to outdated code. As the websites need to be able to run on PHP 5.6 or above.  If a situation like this is encountered, it will be necessary for you to engage with your web developers to upgrade your websites to make them compatible. 

But if you are willing and happy to do the migration yourself then please let us know so we can provide you with your cPanel account details, so you can start this process.

Have a question?

If you have any more questions regarding the DSVR migration, then please get in touch by either emailing: support@iracknet.com or by opening a support ticket.

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